Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,

Sometimes it’s the small treatments that have the biggest impact.  Maria’s mom had no idea there was a medical team on site and brought her daughter to the church to have last rights administered.  Hearing that a mother with a sick baby had arrived, I asked a pediatric resident, Claire, to join me and we went to examine the child.  Mom was softly crying and cradling a listless Maria while rocking back and forth; she had her swaddled in layers of blankets.  We spoke to her mother and found out little Maria had not had any oral intake for over a day.  She was hot to the touch as we unwrapped her and took her temperature – the thermometer read 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  Moving quickly, and using a syringe, we were able to get Maria to take both Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, and then some formula.  Two hours later Maria was smiling and playing with Claire, while her mother watched, relieved.

Many of you will recognize that the treatment we gave Maria that day was a basic intervention – one easily available to patients in the US, but not so in this small corner of Guatemala.  Because a DOCARE International medical team was there, Maria lived.

Your support makes stories like Maria’s possible.

We are fortunate to have passionate volunteers and donors as the lifeblood of our organization.  Each year hundreds of DOCARE volunteers travel around the world to provide preventative and curative care clinics to communities in need.  These DOCARE clinics serve patients at little to no cost and offer resources they otherwise could not afford.  Our trips also offer the chance to explore opportunities to establish additional continuity clinics, as well as deliver patient care to medically under-served communities.

We are dedicated to this mission and have set the goal to open up to three additional continuity of care clinics over the next three years – all while continuing our targeted short term outreach trips so that we’re there when patients like baby Maria need help.

We rely on financial support from people like you to keep our programs going strong. So I invite you to help us make a difference in the lives of others through a donation to DOCARE today.  Help us save more lives like Maria’s.

Alan Schalscha, DO
Executive Director
DOCARE International