Ngoswani, Kenya

In 2016 DOCARE partnered with Dr. Tonya Hawthorne, DO, and her clinic, New Frontiers Health Force in Ngoswani, Narok County, Kenya, to provide rotational opportunities for students and residents.
The New Frontiers Health Force, a clinic headed by an American-trained doctor of osteopathic medicine and staffed by trained Kenyan medical professionals, has been serving Narok County since 1997. In these two decades, the clinic has become a permanent full-service primary care location, providing the local population everything from elementary walk-in care to obstetrics to life-saving trauma care. The clinic and nonprofit has a compound where visiting students, residents, and volunteers reside during their time at the clinic -- allowing them to avoid the danger that comes from traveling in an area known for a (thankfully rare) wild animal encounters. Find out more about rotation opportunities.