San Andres Iztapa, Guatemala

The first clinic DOCARE helped established is in San Andrés Itzapa, a municipality of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The area surrounding the clinic is home to approximately 32,000 people, most of whom are indigenous farmers with very low incomes.
In 2011 DOCARE partnered with local non-profit, ASSADE, to establish this clinic, which meets basic US standards,  in San Andrés Itzapa.  ASSADE employs a full-time doctor and nurse, in addition to other health and support staff, and, on average, treats 30-45 patients per day - seventy percent of whom are women and children. In addition to care for acute conditions, the staff increasingly focuses on preventive medicine to better avoid these tragic outcomes.   DOCARE provides financial support to ensure that necessary medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are available to the community and we know that without this clinic, many people would not be able to access primary healthcare. At least once a year DOCARE brings a group of healthcare professionals and students to  San Andrés Itzapa and conducts large-scale medical clinics.  Students and residents may also rotate at the clinic for up to one month.  Find out more about rotation opportunities.