Tecpan, Guatemala

With Fundacion Educa Pueblo Viejo  (Fundacion) and other partner organizations and funders, DOCARE helped establish a permanent clinic in Tecpán 2015.
Tecpán is located in the highlands of Chimaltenango, roughly 50 miles from Antigua.   Like many rural communities in Guatemala, the local population includes farmers and other low-income workers. The area offers little access to low-cost healthcare, and prior to the establishment of a medical clinic, most local people relied on the intermittent visits of global health outreach brigades. Run by Fundacion, the clinic has five rooms and a laboratory, two full-time in-house doctors, a nurse, administrative staff, and is equipped with an EKG, an ultrasound machine, and laboratory equipment.  DOCARE provides on-going financial support to Fundacion, and students and residents may rotate for up to a month at the clinic.  Find out more about rotation opportunities.