DOCARE Continuity of Care Clinics

DOCARE has been leading medical outreach trips to serve patients in medically underserved areas for over 50 years. What started as short-term trips has evolved into long-term care in the communities we visit, thanks to partnerships with local organizations! 


Recognizing the need to support permanent clinics in these underserved areas, in 2011 DOCARE partnered with local non-profit, ASSADE, in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala to establish a brick-and-mortar clinic that is open year-round.  Two years later we helped JustHope International open a permanent clinic for the farming community of Chacraseca, Nicaragua.  In 2015 we supported Fundacion Educa Pueblo Viejo in Tecpan, Guatemala, to build their clinic and, true to form, two years later, in 2017, we partnered with New Frontiers Health Force to offer rotational opportunities to students and residents at their clinic in Ngoswani, Kenya.  The clinics in Guatemala and Nicaragua serve both as hubs for our yearly short-term outreach trips and also offer rotational opportunities to osteopathic medical students and residents.


We continue to explore partnerships to provide affordable and quality health care in other medically underserved areas of the world.

Get Involved

If you're a physician, medical student, or other healthcare professional interested in joining a DOCARE outreach trip, please visit our Upcoming Trips page.

If you are a medical student or resident interested in a month-long rotation at one of our partner clinics, please visit our  Rotations page for more information.