DOCARE Global Health Certificate

In 2020 we’re excited to introduce our Global Health Certificate program!  We designed a program with our members in mind, to recognize the contributions you make to global health.

DOCARE Global Health Certificate In 6 Steps:

1. Be a current DOCARE member

2. Complete an online Global Health MOOC* and submit the completion certificate

3. Attend two (2) live or virtual local, national, or international meetings or events^ on Global Health and submit the agenda with proof of registration

4. Complete two (2) weeks or more of a Global Health Outreach elective rotation at a DOCARE partner clinic or on a DOCARE outreach trip (Note that the two weeks are not required to be consecutive)

5. Present on your Global Health experience upon returnꜛ

6. Receive DOCARE Global Health Certificate!

All of the above must be completed within four years. Submit all your documents here.

If you have any questions about the requirements, or extenuating circumstances, prior to submitting your documents, please reach out to us at [email protected]

*Coursera examples: (
A. Essentials of Global Health – Yale University (certificate of completion not required for DOCARE’s purposes – email confirmation of completion sufficient)
B. Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview – University of Geneva
C. The Challenges of Global Health – Duke university
D. An Introduction to Global Health – University of Copenhagen
E. Foundations for Global Health Responders – University of Colorado
F. Global Health Security, Solidarity, and Sustainability through the International Health Regulations – University of Geneva

^Meeting/event examples:
A. AOA BIOM International Seminar
B. Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) – Annual Global Health Conference
C. Unite for Sight – Global Health and Innovation Conference
D. INMED Humanitarian Health Conference
E. Any local campus or community meeting or event on global health, multiculturalism, or medical outreach

ꜛPresentation options:
A. Campus DOCARE chapter or Global Health Club and submit an attestation letter signed by the club advisor
B. A Global Health conference poster or oral presentation (see conference examples above)
C. Other options with prior approval and appropriate evidence of completion