DOCARE Medical Supplies Seed Grant

DOCARE prides itself in providing medical support to underserved communities abroad but recognizes that there are growing populations of similar communities in the US – including refugee and migrant populations as well as indigenous and economically disadvantaged communities, that are often overlooked.  Via a seed grant, we seek to provide our members with support to help them implement programs that will provide the medical support the patients in these communities desperately need.

We envisioned a fund to support the development of clinics, street medicine groups, or even other small nonprofit groups, to start or continue programs focusing on initiatives which address healthcare in underrepresented or disadvantaged communities in the US.


  • Qualified clinic, health center, or 501c3 nonprofit addressing specific, community health care needs.
  • US-focused organizations or groups.
  • DOCARE Member is involved in leadership of the program.
  • Program or project must directly benefit patients, address a critical need, have clear and measurable goals.
  • Program must serve and treat a significant number of disadvantaged or desperate patient population.
  • Must be/have been treating patients for at least one year.

Purpose:  This grant is for the purchase of medical supplies and equipment to support grass-roots efforts to provide medical care to underserved communities in the US.  Funding per grant award shall be no more than $1000.

Factors that will be considered when evaluating a grant application.  Whether the organization is:

  • Improving the quality of life and health care access for the patients being served.
  • Promoting preventative medicine initiatives.
  • Using enhanced treatment modalities (exercise, diet, lifestyle, etc) to aid in managing disease.
  • Creating general public awareness at the local, regional or national level.
  • Demonstrating efforts to eliminate practices that can cause disparate treatment of disadvantaged people.

Apply here

DOCARE accepts applications throughout the year for consideration.