Rotation Education Goals

  • Provide a fundamental knowledge base in family medicine and assist students in applying this knowledge. (Competency: Medical Knowledge and Application of Medical Knowledge)
  • Introduce the student to basic procedures relevant to the practice of family medicine.
  • Facilitate an understanding of the approach to clinical problem-solving in family medicine, including the appraisal and assimilation of scientific evidence. (Competency: Practice-Based Learning and Improvement)
  • Promote the acquisition of basic skills for the diagnosis, management, and prevention of a┬ávariety of chronic and acute conditions. (Competency: Patient Care)
  • Encourage the continued development of the student’s professional attitude and behavior, including adherence to ethical principles and sensitivity to diverse populations. (Competency: Professionalism)
  • Introduce available healthcare resources as well as barriers to coordination of care and expose them to strategies the family physician uses as coordinator of care. (Competency: Systems-Based Practice)
  • Encourage the further development of effective, respectful communication between the student, patient, families, staff, and other healthcare professionals. (Competency: Interpersonal and Communication Skills)
  • Promote the use of a holistic approach to patients that encompasses the psychosocial, biomedical, and biomechanical aspects of health and disease, including the use of manual medicine techniques when appropriate. (Competency: Osteopathic Philosophy and OMT)