International Clinical Rotations


****Due to the on-going global pandemic and the CDC’s recommendation to limit non-essential travel, all rotations are on hold.  The DOCARE Board will be evaluating the situation with each partner clinic and hopes to begin offering rotational opportunities again in 2022.

  Please check back to this page periodically for any updates.****


DOCARE offers global health rotation opportunities for medical students and residents in  Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Kenya. Participants will find these rotations a valuable learning opportunity unlike those found in most American hospitals and clinics. Participants will encounter medical conditions unique to rural, low-income populations and will gain an understanding of how primary care can be delivered with limited equipment and resources. Participants will be encouraged to rely on their minds and hands to evaluate patients and will be immersed in a rich cultural experience of rural daily life.

Eligibility and Availability

DOCARE has a primary focus with third- and fourth-year osteopathic medical students and residents preparing for their osteopathic careers.   Allopathic students may also attend clinic rotations if not filled osteopathically.

Each rotation is typically four weeks long, although two-, three- and five-week rotations are also feasible. Rotation opportunities are available throughout the year.