Rotation Sites

Students and residents can schedule a four-week global health rotation at our clinic in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala. Rotations include exposure to aspects of patient management in a family medicine practice and can also include reading, lectures, and community outreach, as well as some application of osteopathic principles.


In Guatemala, students and residents rotate at our partners’ clinics in San Andres and Tecpan. Both focus on under-served, low-income communities where continuity of care is relatively new and preventive medicine is emerging.

San Andres Iztapa:  San Andres Iztapa is DOCARE’s first clinic partnership, and it remains one of its most stable. This clinic is close enough to Antigua that rotating students and residents can stay there each night. During clinic hours, the on-site doctor will work closely with the rotating student or resident. In addition, the clinic might arrange occasional community outreach projects and home health visits during rotations.